Award Certificate Templates

Download these Free Award Certificate Templates to create your own Award Certificate. You can also check out our other free templates such as Stock Certificate Templates and Appreciation Certificate Templates.

Award Certificate Templates are perfect for students who want to create award certificates that are unique and memorable. If you’re one of these people who’ve to provide you with award certificates for unique activities or competitions, those templates may be very beneficial to you. These templates make award certificates easy to create and more powerful due to the numerous alternatives you have. You can customize your template in many approaches. You can come up with a template that will help you design a certificate to suit you.

Download Free Award Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Template 01
Award Certificate Template 02
Award Certificate Template 03
Award Certificate Template 03
Award Certificate Template 05

Tips to Create Your Award Certificate:

‚ÄčHere are some tips you can follow in creating your award certificate:

Select the Document Format:

Create a Word record out of your Award Certificate template. You can then use an incredible printer to create a notable printing copy of your award certificate. You can also edit the text on the template so that it suits your needs. However, you could use it as a definition of ways you would like your scholarship letter to look.

Use Consistent Fonts:

Make sure the fonts you use on your certificate templates are consistent with the rest of the objects on your portfolio. In other words, select a font that is just like your other gadgets so that they’ll appear nicely collectively. For instance, if you have a layout for a kid’s ward, you may need to select a font that suits. On the other hand, in case you are designing for scholarships, pick a font that is more exclusive than the one you used on your resume. In this manner, you’re distinguishing yourself from other candidates who are in the use of the same template as you.

Select a Sample Template:

Award certificate templates and sample templates are available online. You may just choose to download a template from the Internet and use it in making your award certificate. There are also instances wherein you can find free templates on the Internet. But they are usually not as good as those that are purchased.


Aside from the spacing, fonts, and colors, you also have the option to edit the text in your award certificate templates or sample templates. By editing the text, you can personalize it so that it will be easier for you to create your scholarship certificates. For instance, you may encompass your call, the university or group that you are attending, and your award citation range. You may also need to include the quantity of money that you will be giving freely as a scholarship. These are simply a number of the matters that you may change. You can do it so that you can come up with something unique.

Print and Proofread:

Before you print out the template, make certain that it is error-free and easy. Check if there are misspelled phrases or any grammatical mistakes in your template. If there are, chances are, you will not be able to achieve the scholarship award which you have designed. Therefore, you have to edit your template so that it is error-free and clean before you use this template.

Know the Rules:

Another tip that you can follow when the usage of award certificate know the precise rules on how to create the certificates. Although you can locate free printable certificates, you continue to need to understand the regulations on how to create these certificates so that you’ll be able to create your award certificate. For example, some universities or establishments require that you connect the receipt that is associated with the award in your certificate. If you do not connect the receipt, the validity of your certificate will be unsure and this can cause you to be disqualified from getting the scholarships that you are aiming for.

Creating award certificates is amusing, particularly in case you are going to use the templates that are to be had online. However, you want to know a way to edit the template so that you can produce your award certificates to meet the necessities of the establishments that require them. These templates can help you create the certificates. But you still have to ensure that you know how to edit them so that your certificates will look clean and professional. Done it even if you used a free award certificate template. Follow these tips to create your award certificates and get your chance to receive the funds that you deserve.