Cash Flow Statement Templates

Download these Free Cash Flow Statement Templates to create your Cash Flow Statement. You can also check out our other free templates such as Billing Statement Templates and Profit and Loss Statement Templates. The Cash Flow Statement template is being used widely to keep track of your daily financial data in an easily organized way. This comes in attractive three-color versions so this ensures that a design theme for the consumer always looks for the user. This is easily customizable and is readily available from the available lists. You can edit and update as per need or requirement whenever you want.

The cash flow statement template comes with a graphical representation, which makes it easy for you to understand the mathematical and logical format. The graphical representation of a cash flow shows the total income flows and the net change in the balance. It also includes the net change in sales and net changes in purchases among other things. It gives you a clear picture of your monetary transactions. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who prefer to use the graphical representations of their data to understand it better.

Download Free Cash Flow Statement Templates


Purpose of Cash Flow Statement Templates

The Cash Flow Statement template helps in getting an easy graphical representation of your data. It helps in getting an easy graphical representation of your data. You will get an easy-to-understand and informative way to manage your daily financial activities. It can help you in effectively managing and planning future monetary transfers. It is designed for students, business owners, accountants, businessmen, and anybody else who has to handle cash flows.

A variety of providers are offering different types of financial statements. The cash flow template is just one of them. The cash flow statement template comes with different types and numbers of columns. It comes with complete details about the data that will be entered for reporting purposes.

To manage financial transactions in a simplified way, a graphical representation is important. With the help of a graphical representation, you will not have trouble entering the right information about your transactions. With a good graphical representation of your cash flow, you will also be able to understand it easily. So, if you are going to buy a car or pay some utility bills, then using a cash flow statement template is the best option for you.


Cash flow statements usually come in two formats: one is in MS Excel format and another one is in text format. The advantage of using a text format financial statement template is that anyone, who knows how to use Microsoft Word, can create one. However, if you are using an Excel-based one, then you may need the assistance of a professional. Even with the help of a professional financial adviser, creating a cash flow statement can still be confusing.

With the help of graphical representations, you will easily be able to understand the details of your cash flow. By creating a graphical representation, you will also be able to maintain accurate and systematic records. As you use more financial tools, more numbers will be included in your reports. This may make it hard for you to keep track of all of them.

If you want to maintain accurate and systematic financial statements, then you should use a cash flow calculator. With this tool, you will be able to generate your financial statements easily and quickly. You have to enter the data that you would like to calculate. Then you will receive your results instantly. No wonder numerous financial institutions, especially those that have branches spread all over the country. Use the cash flow calculator because this tool has made things easier for them.

Why We Need a Cash Flow Statement?

Cash flow calculators can help you prepare your financial statements so that you will not have to make any corrections once you have created them. Instead, you can simply use the figures that you have calculated based on the figures that you entered. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required in creating financial statements.

So if you want to create a cash flow statement on your own, then you have to understand the different types of cash flow statements. There are two types of cash flow statements, annual and monthly. In this kind of statement, you have to calculate the capital assets, the sales and expenses, and the net income during a given month. This can take time and you have to do it repeatedly. However, if you are using cash flow statement templates, you do not have to do this task again and you can save time and effort.

Another advantage is that these templates can provide the correct information without the need to do your calculations manually. You can simply copy the figures from the template and then enter them into the relevant fields. If you have any errors, you can immediately change them and the changes will be applied to the loan statement immediately. This saves time and effort because you do not have to do the calculations. Therefore, if you want to have accurate figures then you should consider using cash flow statement templates. Once you have created them, you are guaranteed accurate figures and this can help you make better decisions.