Hotel Receipt Templates

Free Hotel Receipt Templates are very important documents for every hotel and they should be used regularly. A receipt is a legal document that the hotel provides to a single guest, generally at the point when the guest pays for the room with a check. This document has all the necessary information such as the date of the check, the amount due, date of stay. It also has the name of the person who obtained the check and any other relevant information. You can print these templates and use them on the same day.

Types of Hotel Receipt Templates

Hotel Receipt Templates come in different types, shapes, and sizes. It is up to the owner of the hotel to choose from a variety of templates that suit their needs. Guest check-in sheets, receipt booklets, gift certificates, restaurant vouchers, and so on are some of the templates that may be downloaded from the internet. Hotel Receipt Templates are very convenient as they print everything right on the page. This can be used by guests for their personal use.

Download Free Hotel Receipt Templates

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Hotel Receipt Template 02
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Hotel Receipt Template 05

Customers love receiving hotel receipts as it gives them useful information about the kind of services offered by the hotel. Most hotels also allow customers to download hotel receipt templates online after purchasing a template. The customer can then download and print the template at his/her convenience. Hotel Receipt Templates are not only good for personal use. But you can also give them to friends and business clients as well. It greatly helps in promoting your hotel and getting new clients.

How to Create Hotel Receipt Template Using MS Word?

You can create Hotel Receipt Templates using Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Adobe Acrobat, all of which are free software. One can also convert the Hotel Receipt Template to a Word file format. You will need a computer, a printer, and a fax machine to convert a Hotel Receipt Template to Word file format. Creating a Word document from a template is not a difficult task. However, since the Hotel Receipt Template is in a PDF format if you try to use a conventional printer, chances are high that it would damage the original document along with the printer cartridge. If you are planning to give the template to family and friends, then there is no harm in printing a copy first for them to examine the content and get familiar with it.

Once you have downloaded hotel receipt templates to your computer, you have to import the same into your Word processing program. To do this, you have to click on the “File” menu and select” Export files”. In the “exporting files” selection box, ensure that you have selected all the items that you want to be exported. When selecting a file format, ensure that you have chosen a compatible one for your system. Once you have done so, you can proceed to import the file by selecting the “import” option from the “Edit” menu of your word processing program.

How to Attach Hotel Receipt With Other Invoices?

Now that you have imported the hotel receipt templates, you are now ready to create the content of your Invoice. Create a new document for the payment of the bills and make sure that you fill up the fields exactly as they have been stated on the invoice. While there are a lot of online vendors that offer templates of invoices. It is better to create your own as it will allow you to customize the bill to include all pertinent information. For example, the name of the customer, his phone number, address, email address, etc.

If the billing process is automated, incorporate the details of the number of times payments were made, the number of times payments were late, and the reason why payments were delayed. If the transaction was credit card-based, mention the name of the credit card company, the card it is linked to, and the card’s account number. This is important as you will need these details to make your transaction official.

Inserting the Logo and Other Elements

To make your invoice appear more professional, insert the logo of the hotel where the transaction took place if it was a hotel receipt form. The invoice should also have the contact details of the client and an email address that can be easily verified. It is always advisable to provide a scanned copy of the invoice to the client. It is common for people to send their checks through registered mail. But since you are sending an electronic transaction, this is not a problem. If you need a receipt for the service rendered, make sure you attach a scanned or printed copy along with the bill.

When you have completed creating your hotel receipt template, you may want to include a basic information section. Here, you can mention the name of the person who is entertaining the customer and his full address. In the food and beverage section, you can indicate the type of service provided. Such as the cost of the services and the total amount of alcohol served. The Tax info section should state the sales tax amount being paid if any. And you can also attach the corresponding receipts to the documents. You can also note the date and time of service. Also, the full name of the person who is entertaining the guests.